Monday’s Prompt – Week Four

The Spring semester is underway and we are finally back! Back and a day late. It’s quite fitting, actually that I forgot to schedule this post for Monday. I recently finished the novel Still Alice by Lisa Genova and it had inspired me so much that I wanted to create a few writing prompts from it.

Let me borrow from the book flap to share a bit about this story:

An extraordinary debut novel about an accomplished woman who slowly loses her thoughts and memories to a harrowing disease – only to discover that each day brings a new way of living and loving.

As someone who has served as a caregiver for multiple family members diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, this book truly hit home for me. I would highly recommend checking this book out.

In the meantime…a prompt!

Use the words below (taken from the novel Still Alice) in your piece. You may use them in any form of the word (plural, singular, past, present, future, etc.) and may use them as often as you’d like. Challenge yourself to use as many of the words as possible.


You may write your submission in the comments below or in your own blog entry. Please remember to tag us in the post. You may write any type of piece for this prompt (poetry, short fiction, scene from a play, music lyrics, etc.)



What do you think?

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